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1940's Inspired Bridal Hair and Makeup

The 1940's was all about the natural glam! It was the beginning of World War II and more and more women were not only taking over the jobs of the men here at home, but they were right there with them overseas! You might think that cosmetics would be at the bottom of the priority list but this was not the case. On the contrary, women were encouraged to wear a bold lip as a morale booster. I don't know about you, but I certainly feel more put together and powerful with a red lip!

Yiyi wanted a natural vintage look with that iconic bold, red lip. Very 1940's.

Here are some behind the scenes

As you can see, this iconic look is easily recognized as vintage, it is equally as easy to recreate. Eyebrows were allowed to grow in naturally in the 40's so we only enhanced her natural shape slightly while encouraging that gorgeous arch! The eyes I used natural browns and pinks with a kohl black liner with a slight flick at the ends.

And last but certainly not least is the red lip. Here I used Bobbi Brown long wear lip stick in the shade Red. A beautiful clean alternative is from the amazing brand that I LOVE Bésame Cosmetics. my favorite shade of theirs currently is Red Velvet but check out their entire line of authentically vintage makeup and skincare.

Artist: Katie Kihara

Photographer: Sasha Reiko (Highly recommend)

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